AHFC Home Energy Rebate Program


Alaska Housing Finance Corporation offers a Home Energy Rebate Program. The program allows homeowners who make their own energy efficiency improvements to receive a rebate for some or all of their expenditures. It requires a home energy rater to evaluate homes before and after the improvements. The rebates cover the cost of ratings up to $500 and cover the cost of improvements up to $10,000

Eligibility Requirements

Alaskan homeowners may participate in the Home Energy Rebate Program.
There are no income requirements.
Only owner-occupied, year-round residences are eligible.
Homeowners pay upfront and are then rebated for making the eligible improvements.
Before ("As-Is") and after ("Post-Improvement") energy ratings are required.
Individuals may not participate in both the Weatherization Assistance Program and Home Energy Rebate Program.
The program is subject to funding availability.

How to Apply

Go here or call 1-877-AK-REBATE (1-877-257-3228)

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