Alaska Forum On The Environment

Anchorage, Annual


"The Alaska Forum on the Environment (AFE) is a statewide gathering of environmental professionals from government agencies, non-profit and for-profit businesses, community leaders, Alaskan youth, conservationists, biologists and community elders," according to the Alaska Forum website. AFE is an educational opportunity for the state and a chance for those representatives attending to discuss environmental issues in Alaska. The 2011 AFE was held February 7-11 at the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center in downtown Anchorage. The 2012 AFE will also be held at the Dena'ina Center.

"AFE offers a broad range of plenary sessions with nationally recognized keynote speakers. There are over 80 breakout sessions which are organized by subject tracks including: climate change, emergency response, environmental regulations, fish and wildlife populations, rural issues, energy, military issues, business issues, pollution prevention, contaminants, and others. In the past five years, AFE has offered technical sessions on a diversity of environmental issues such as; energy issues, alternative energy sources for rural villages, subsistence hunting, fishing, and gathering on federal lands, biological studies, bioterrorism, effects of climate change, Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, military environmental restoration, and tribal and federal government-to-government policies."

In addition, AFE features exhibitor booths, youth sessions, and a film festival.

Among the speakers at the 2011 AFE were Alaska Lieutenant Gov. Mead Treadwell, federal coordinator for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects Larry Persily, and EPA Regional Administrator Dennis Mclerron.

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