Alaska Rural Energy Conference


The Alaska Rural Energy Conference is an annual opportunity for rural communities to come together with renewable energy specialists from around Alaska for collaboration toward new and developing energy projects. The conference is held in Juneau, and is themed to reflect the unique southeast Alaska environment.

The Alaska Rural Energy Conference features a variety of booths, expert panels, and a chance to explore current renewable energy projects from rural Alaskan communities. This year's conference will feature field trips to see energy projects in the southeast, as well as a science fair style activities and presentations for children.

Members of the Alaska legislature will be in attendance, as well as heads of energy related state government agencies. The conference is part of a collaborative effort between the Alaska Center for Energy and Power, the Alaska Energy Authority, and others. Last year's conference was attended by representatives from over 92 rural Alaskan communities, in addition to people from Anchorage, Fairbanks, and other non-rural communities.

This year's conference will be in Juneau, Alaska from September 27-29, 2011. More information will become available as plans for the conference are finalized. You can visit the conference website for registration and contact information.


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