Alaska Wood Energy Conference


The 2011 Alaska Wood Energy Conference was held in Fairbanks, Alaska on April 25-27. The theme, “Making Wood Work – Local Energy Solutions”, was a collaborative effort led by the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA). The conference provided an opportunity for people interested in biomass energy production to come together to discuss developing technologies and projects.


The AEA's website had this to say about the 2010 Wood Energy Conference:

"Since the 2007 Alaska Wood Energy Conference, many biomass projects have moved forward. Alaska House Bill 152 (Renewable Energy Fund) legislation was signed and authorized in 2008. To date, over $16 million has been awarded to 21 biomass design and construction projects. Alaska now has an operational pellet manufacturing plant in North Pole and successful wood-fired boilers throughout the state.

Conference topics included biomass boiler system implementation, forest resource identification and management, residential applications and combined heat and power. The conference brought together Native corporations, state and federal agency personnel, biomass manufacturers, and community leaders. Conference participants gained increased knowledge of the opportunities and potential for biomass energy in Alaska to help reduce dependency on imported petroleum products and enhance local economies."

To learn more about the AEA and their work in Alaska, visit their website.

Information and photo credit: Alaska Energy Authority website.

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