Biomass Project Information

In order to put together a biomass energy project, the initial information required is heat and electrical consumption estimations and fuel resource availability. Forest biomass resource information has been recently gathered for many areas of rural Alaska.

Mapping Forest Biomass Resources:

Further successful deployment of biomass energy systems requires secure and sustainable wood supplies. Many rural areas do not currently have an existing infrastructure for harvesting, processing, and delivering wood. Communities that could benefit from a woodfired CHP system must first complete wood supply surveys and organize fuel acquisition and handling plans. It is important that wood harvest operations be planned in the context of overall land use objectives to minimize conflicts with other users.

Environmental Assessment:

Biomass heating or power systems must comply with air quality and waste disposal regulations. Design considerations include the height of boiler stacks and protection of water discharge. Solid residues from wood burning are mostly non-toxic ash and useful as a soil amendment.


Greenhouse at Dry Creek heated with wood. The hydronic fin tube and piping run underneath the plant platforms.

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