Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project

Project Overview

The Bradley Lake hydroelectric project was constructed by the Alaska Power Authority on the Kenai Peninsula near Homer, Alaska. The Alaska legislature appropriated $168 million for what was estimated to be a $245 million project. The project, which cost over $300 million (including reserve fund balances, of $479 million 2007 dollars), went into commercial operation in 1991. The project includes a concrete-faced and rock-filled gravity dam, 610 foot long, 125 foot high, and a 3.5-mile power tunnel and steel-lined penstock. The project transmits power to the state’s main grid via two parallel 20-mile transmission lines. Homer Electric Association under contract with AEA now operates the project. Bradley Lake serves Alaska’s Railbelt from Homer to Fairbanks as well as the Delta Junction area.

Project Partners

The power from Bradley Lake is shared among the Railbelt utilities via the intertie, according to a formal sharing agreement.

Utility Share of Bradley Lake Share
Chugach Electric Association 30.4%
Anchorage Municipal Light and Power 25.9%
Homer Electric Association 12.0%
Matanuska Electric Association 13.8%
Seward Electric Utility 1.0%
Golden Valley Electric Association 16.9%

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