Bulk Fuel Upgrades Program

Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) has a bulk fuel upgrades program to assist rural communities with upgrading bulk fuel tank farms. Program funds are used for design/engineering, business planning and construction management services of bulk fuel tank farms.


Together with financial support from the Denali Commission, AEA also offers funding for retrofit and revision of bulk fuel tank farms in rural communities.

To learn more about the bulk fuel upgrade program, go here or contact:

Chris Mello, Program Manager
Tel: 907-771-3072
Fax: 907-771-3044
E-mail: gro.aedia|ollemc#gro.aedia|ollemc

David Lockard, Project Manager
Tel: 907-771-3062
Fax: 907-771-3044
E-mail: gro.aedia|drakcold#gro.aedia|drakcold

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