Challenges Biomass
Transportation and Technical Challenges to Biomass energy
Environmental concerns, especially those related to air quality and the health impact of smoke from inefficient heating systems in small communities must be addressed. Efficient stoves and boilers required by federal regulations are more expensive than many people can afford. Less efficient devices are common in remote communities. As opposed to individual user systems, community-scale and industrial-scale systems for heat or power are easier to regulate and present less of a threat to health. Biomass is a high-volume fuel requiring handling equipment and protected storage facilities.
Many Alaskan rural communities are in severe physical environments and have limited human resources for technical operations and maintenance of complex or hazardous equipment. Heat and power are essential needs, especially in winter. Equipment breakdowns and technical challenges are magnified in these communities, so diesel backup is necessary.
Sustainability of forest resources is a sensitive and essential issue involving the cooperation of many stakeholders.
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