EETF: Cold Climate Heat Pump Demonstration

Project Overview

The Cold Climate Housing Research Center is going to install a Ground Source Heat Pump(GSHP) system in their Research Center located in Fairbanks. This heat pump system will provide information on the efficiency of GSHP systems when used in cold climates. This data will then be compared against oil burner prices for similar heating needs. At the conclusion of this project, key system elements will be examined to determine which, if any, parts of the system cause a dip in efficiency.

Project Objectives

This project will determine if ground source heat pumps are a stable source of energy that could produce heat efficiently through multiple heating seasons along with comparing the price for these systems agains traditional heating methods. Heat pump technology would be researched to determine how price competitive they are against oil burners. This project will also help determine how long of a payback period will be assumed when installing these types of systems.


Ground Source Heat Pumps(GSHPs) can lift heat off of a low-temperature source and then evaporate a refrigerant which allows a compressor to create useable heat. The heat pump uses electricity to function however the energy taken from the ground is much greater than the energy consumed making it very efficient.

Administration of Funds

The Alaska Energy Authority has been placed in charge of administration for the Emerging Energy Technology Fund projects. More information can be found on their website here

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