EETF: Cyclo Turbine Energy Production

Project Overview

Boschma Reasearch, Inc.(BRI) will deploy a Cycle-Turbine River In-Stream Energy Conversion(RISEC) device equipped with a debris and fish guard and flow accelerator in the Kvichak River at the community of Igiugug. The objectives of the project are to demonstrate the power generation performance of the device in an Alaskan river, to demonstrate successful use of the fish and debris guard, and to demonstrate successful operational procedures for river bottom-mounted deployments.

Project Objectives

This project aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of their RISEC device in rural Alaska. Testing is scheduled to occur July 2013 and after the winter it will be redeployed for another season of testing in 2014.


The cyclo-turbine used in this project utilizes a design that constantly changes the angle of the blades with respect to the flow of water. In order to place a smaller device in the water a flow accelerator will be used to change the speeds that the water enters the turbine unit. Attached to the front of the flow accelerator is a device that will discourage any debris from building up while also discouraging any fish from swimming into the device.

Administration of Funds

The Alaska Energy Authority has been placed in charge of administration for the Emerging Energy Technology Fund projects. More information can be found on their website here

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