EETF: Enhanced Condensation Organic Rankine Cycle

Project Overview

This project is aimed to investigate, optimize and test organic fluid condensation on surfaces that improve heat and mass transfer in Organic Rankine Cycle machines. It will be completed in the Duckering Building on the University of Alaska, Fairbanks campus. The purpose of the project is to determine the effectiveness of coating on the pipes within the ORC machine.

Project Objectives

This UAF project aims to verify that a ORC machine that has been optimized with these coats on the pipes will improve performance by 50% or better. This project will also document the wettability of difference surfaces. At the end of this project the efficiency of the ORC machine will be recalculated and it will be determined if the pipe coatings have any effect on the heat transfer.


The technology used in this project is fairly simple. Most of the technologies lie within the coatings that are applied to the pipes within the ORC machine. By reducing the thermodynamic irreversibility during the heat exchange process more heat can be used to create more energy. This technology is estimated to improve heat transfer by 50% which leads to approximately 10% improvement of the overall system performance.

Administration of Funds

The Alaska Energy Authority has been placed in charge of administration for the Emerging Energy Technology Fund projects. More information can be found on their website here

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