Gulkana Biomass

Project Overview

In 2010 the Community of Gulkana, located off the Alaska highway received $500,000 from the Renewable Energy Fund to install two Garn Cordwood boilers that became operational in 2010. They also invested in an additional pellet fired boiler. Rather than purchase pellets from another manufacturer, Gulkana invested in pellet mill infrastructure thus localizing their fuel source. Using locally harvested wood the community now produces their own pellets. These boilers use a district heating system to heat nine community buildings including four duplexes, the Teen Recreation Center, the Community Hall including the Administrative offices, the Fitness Center, the Maintenance Shop, new offices, the Community Clinic, and the new bus garage.


Funding Renewable Energy fund $500,000
Total Funding $898,000
Technology Garn 32000 Hydronic Boilers


Throughout October and November 2010, the two boilers burned approximately 25 cords of wood, mostly spruce which has an approximate 16 million BTUs per cord. During 2010 the boilers displaced 2963 gallons of heating oil with a 2010 fuel value of $10,933.

Next Steps

Gulkana upgraded their system with an additional pellet fired boiler and built a pellet plant to process fuel.

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