Hydrokinetic Manufacturer Options

The following list includes developers who have, at a minimum, built an in-stream prototype hydrokinetic device:

Manufacturer Location Device Name Website
BioPower Australia bioStreamTM www.biopowersystems.com
Blue Energy Canada Davis Turbine www.bluenergy.com
Bourne Energy Malibu, CA Riverstar www.bourneenergy.com
Clean Current Canada Clean Current Turbine www.cleancurrent.com
Current to Current Burlington MA Submersible Power Generator www.currenttocurrent.com
Free Flow Power Manchester, MA www.free-flow-power.com
Hammerfest Strom Norway Hammerfest Strom Turbine www.tidevannsenergi.com
Hydro Green Energy Houston, TX HydroGreen Turbine www.hgenergy.com
Lucid Energy Goshen, IN Lucid Energy Turbine www.lucidenergy.com
Lunar Energy Ltd United Kingdom RTT www.lunarenergy.co.uk
Marine Current Turbines Ltd United Kingdom Seaflow SeaGen www.marineturbines.com
Natural Currents Highland, NY Natural Current Vertical Axis Turbine www.naturalcurrents.com
Neptune Renewables United Kingdom www.neptunerenewableenergy.com
Oceana Washington DC www.oceanaenergy.com
Ocean Flow Energy United Kingdom EvapodTM www.oceanflowenergy.com
Open Hydro Ireland Open Center Turbine (OCT) www.openhydro.com
Ocean Renewable Power Fall River, MA OCGenTM www.oceanrenewablepower.com
Pulse Generation United Kingdom Pulse Generation www.pulsegeneration.co.uk
Ponte di Archimeda Italy Enemar www.pontediarchimede.com
Seapower Int’l AB Sweden EXIM TM www.seapower.se
Sea Snail United Kingdom Sea Snail www.rgu.ac.uk
Scots Renewables United Kingdom SRTT www.scotrenewables.com
SMD Hydrovision United Kingdom TidEl www.smd.co.uk
Startkraft Norway Statkraqft www.statkraft.com
Swan Turbines United Kingdom Swan Turbine www.swanturbines.co.uk
Tidal Generation Limited United Kingdom Tidal Generation Turbine www.tidalgeneration.co.uk
Tidal Hydraulic United Kingdom Tidal Hydraulic Generator (THG) www.dev.onlinemarketinguk.net/THG/
Tidal Sails Norway Tidal Sail www.tidalsails.com
Tidal Stream United Kingdom Tidal Stream Device www.tidalstream.co.uk
UEK Annapolis, Maryland Underwater Electric Kite www.uekus.com
Verdant Power Arlington, VA Kinetic Hydro Power System www.verdantpower.com
Vortex Hydro Energy Ypsilanti, MI Vivaci www.vortexhydroenergy.com
Woodshed Technologies Australia Tidal DelayTM www.woodshedtechnologies.com.au
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