Institute Of Social And Economic Research


The Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) was established by the Alaska Legislature in 1961. ISER maintains the state's largest economic database and forecasts population and employment growth. All of ISER's research findings are made available through ISER's offices at UAA and many documents are available on the ISER website.

From the website: "ISER is part of the College of Business and Public Policy at UAA. It has a core staff of about 30 faculty members, research associates, and support personnel. Roughly one quarter of its budget is from university money and three quarters from grants and contracts. ISER staff members not only do research but also teach undergraduate and graduate courses. […] Policymakers and private citizens alike use ISER research. In recent years, ISER has increasingly drawn communities, school districts, and universities–as well as Alaska Native and other private organizations–into research projects."

To access ISER publications, go here.

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