Institute Of The North


The Institute of the North, founded by Governor Walter J. Hickel, is a non-partisan organization dedicating to determining the best ways to utilize and care for the resource-rich common lands in Alaska, the Arctic, and other areas of the world that are endowed with rich human culture and natural resources.


To learn more about the organization, visit the Institute of the North website.

Arctic Energy Network

According to their website, the Arctic Energy Network (AEN) has the following goals:

  • Support a unique network of policymakers, industry executives, researchers and community leaders
  • Provide a platform for sharing best practices between policy and science
  • Develop a meaningful venue for convening Arctic energy stakeholders across sectors
  • Address the gaps between developing great energy wealth and meeting the needs of the Arctic’s vibrant communities

The AEN is currently charged with developing the theme and issue areas to be addressed in the 2012 Arctic Energy Summit along with providing a web-based platform for sharing and developing ideas.

To learn more, visit the Arctic Energy Network website.

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