International Wind Diesel Workshop



The 2011 International Wind-Diesel Workshop, organized by the Alaska Wind-Diesel Applications Center, was held March 8-11, 2011, in Girdwood, Alaska. Prior to the actual Workshop were several short courses for those new to wind-diesel technologies, taught by experts in the field. Topics addressed at the conference included the latest information in operating experience, design concepts, system components, related research and development, discussion of emerging markets, and description of institutional issues and perspectives based on experiences with wind-diesel applications in Alaska and the world. Open dialogues after each topic are encouraged. The last two days included field trips out to operational wind-diesel systems in rural Alaska.

From Wind Powering America: "Alaska is currently seen as the hotbed of wind and diesel integration with more than 20 wind-diesel systems installed. Other rural isolated communities throughout the world are increasingly interested in wind-diesel options to guard against ever-increasing oil prices. The International Wind-Diesel Workshop reviews the status of wind-diesel technologies while bringing the wind-diesel community together to share experiences and insights on successful projects. But the annual event almost ended in the late '90s when interest in wind-diesel systems declined due to lower oil prices and cost of energy. The U.S. Department of Energy's Wind Powering America (WPA) team, however, continued funding and maintaining the event through the years."

For presentations from the 2011 International Wind-Diesel Workshop, go here.

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