Methane Hydrate Technology

ConocoPhillips' Iġnik Sikumi #1 Gas Hydrate Test Well
in Prudhoe Bay.

Photo: NETL


Methane hydrate technology is still largely underdeveloped, though test wells and other studies are uncovering more about the potential use of the resource as an energy source.

Methane Hydrates in Prudhoe Bay

ConocoPhillips' Iġnik Sikumi #1 gas hydrate test well injects carbon dioxide (CO2) into gas hydrate-bearing sandstone reservoirs, resulting in a chemical exchange reaction that releases methane (CH4) and simultaneously sequesters CO2 in a solid hydrate structure as CO2-hydrate.1 To see an image of the well schematic, see Figure 1.


Figure 1: Iġnik Sikumi #1

Well Schematic

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