Community CHP North Pole 400 kWe ORC (Biomass)

Project Overview

United Technology Corporation (UTC) and Chena Power proposed a biomass/ORC power-generating demonstration project for a site near the community of North Pole. Wood waste and waste paper will be separated from the waste stream and combusted in a Wellons thermal oil heater to deliver heat to a UTC PureCycle 200 power plant module. The boiler is rated at 2.5 MW thermal capacity with an efficiency of 85%. UTC is currently redesigning the PureCycle to operate at 20% efficiency converting heat to electricity, which means that the proposed system could supply up to 450 kWe (net 400 kWe).1. The system will have excess thermal capacity that can be used for space heating.



Four main components comprise the UTC/Chena Power project:

  • Shred-Tech STQ 100 Shredder and Conveyor System
  • Wellons Live Floor Feed System
  • Wellons 2.5 MW Boiler
  • Two UTC PureCycle 200 Power Plants

The shredder reduces the biomass to a uniform size that is easily combustible and delivers it to the live floor. The live floor stores the shredded biomass until it is required by the boiler, at which time the rake and auger system in the live floor feeds biomass into the boiler. The boiler generates heat, which heats thermal oil, which in turn heats refrigerant in the UTC PureCycle 200 power plant. The refrigerant expands and turns a turbine that generates electricity. On the other side of the turbine, the expanded refrigerant is air cooled. It condenses back into a liquid, completing the cycle.

  • Proposed system: 400 kW
  • Manufacturer: Wellons, Inc. (Oregon), UTC Power (Connecticut)
  • Fuel: woodchips, paper, cardboard
  • Schedule: Projected 2009-2010
  • Budget: $5 million
  • Future plans: if a successful demonstration, this technology could be used at other sites
  • Based on: 400 kW ORC (UTC Power) generator currently in use at Chena Hot Springs

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