Ocean Wave Manufacturer Options

The following list includes developers who have, at a minimum, built a wave energy conversion prototype device:

Manufacturer Location Device Name Website
Finavera Renewables Canada AquaBuOy www.finavera.com
Oceanlinx Australia Offshore OWC www.oceanlinx.com
Float San Diego, CA Pneumatic Stabilized Platform www.floatinc.com
Hydam Ireland McCabe Wave Pump www.wave-power.com
Independent Natural Resources Minnesota SEADOG – water pump www.inri.us
Pelamis Wave Power United Kingdom Pelamis www.pelamiswave.com
Ocean Power Technologies Pennignton, NJ PowerBuoy www.oceanpowertechnologies.com
Ocean Wave Energy Company Bristol, Road Island Ocean Wave Energy Converter www.owec.com
Ocenergy Norwalk, CT Wave Pump www.ocenergy.com
OreCon Ltd United Kingdom MRC1000 www.orecon.com
SeaPower Group Sweden Floating Wave Power Vessel www.seapower.se
AWS Ocean Energy United Kingdom Archimedes Wave Swing www.waveswing.com
Tocardo International BV Netherlands Tocardo www.tocardo.com
Wave Dragon ApS Denmark Wave Dragon www.wavedragon.net
Wavebob LLC Annapolis, MD Wavebob www.wavebob.com
Voith Hydro Wavegen Limited United Kingdom Coastal and Offshore OWC www.wavegen.co.uk
AW-Energy Oy Finland WaveRoller www.aw-energy.com
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