Major Organizations and Programs

The table below provides an overview of entities that promote energy efficiency in rural Alaska.

Organization Website
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC)
Alaska Energy Authority (AEA)
Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC)
Alaska Craftsman Home Program
Alaska Building Science Network
Cooperative Extension Service
Weatherization Assistance Program Providers Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Tanana Chiefs Conference, Interior Weatherization, Alaska Community Development Corporation, Municipality of Anchorage

The Cold Climate Housing Research Center tests new building technologies in Alaska.

The Alaska Craftsman Home Program, Inc. educates Alaskans in energy-efficient building technology specifically for northern regions and their diverse climatic zones.

The Alaska Building Science Network promotes energy efficiency as an essential component of durable, safe, and affordable housing in Alaska.

Cooperative Extension Service of the University of Alaska Fairbanks operates the Energy and Housing Program. This program focuses on providing the best possible housing technology information to Alaskan home owners and builders.

There are five weatherization assistance program providers in Alaska and fifteen regional housing authorities. Each provider is responsible for a specific Alaskan region. The program providers are listed above.

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