Rural Power System Upgrade Program

Alaska Energy Authority has a Rural Power System Upgrade Program to assist communities in keeping their electrical power systems up-to-date. Funds from this program are used for the following types of projects:

  • Powerhouse and electrical distribution upgrades
  • Emergency prevention
  • Circuit rider/emergency response services

To learn more about the Rural Power System Upgrade Program, go here or contact:

Kris Noonan, Program Manager
Tel: 907-771-3061
Fax: 907-771-3044
E-mail: gro.aedia|nanoonk#gro.aedia|nanoonk

Alan Fetters, Project Manager
Tel: 907-771-3063
Fax: 907-771-3044
E-mail: gro.aedia|srettefa#gro.aedia|srettefa

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