EETF: Small Community Self Regulating Grid

Project Overview

Intelligent Energy Systems will demonstrate a distributed intelligent load control as a low cost method of increasing renewable energy on isolated grids. The project will create a frequency controlled system using residential electric thermal devices and one 3-phase balancing unit as a load regulation device for the wind-diesel system in the village of Tuntutuliak.

Project Objectives

This project will consist of upgrading a controller on an existing Electric Thermal Storage(ETS) unit to enable the device to turn on or off dependent on the frequency. Testing of this feature will occur in the ACEP Energy Technology Laboratory to test that the unit can detect changes of +/- 0.5 Hz by altering the duty cycle of the signal. Intelligent Energy Systems will also create a one line system drawing and submit a description of how the data will be collected for this project. The final phase of testing which consists of monitoring wind and electricity levels, will be performed for 6 months in order to create a baseline of the energy production.


This project utilizes technology such as the Electric Thermal Storage(ETS) unit, which is essentially a large brick oven that stores energy in the bricks as heat. This heat can then be used later to create useable electricity.

Administration of Funds

The Alaska Energy Authority has been placed in charge of administration for the Emerging Energy Technology Fund projects. More information can be found on their website here

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