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Project Overview

Toksook Bay is one of three villages located on Nelson Island, which lies 115 miles northwest of Bethel. Toksook Bay is located in the Bethel Recording District. Tununak is located in a small bay on the northeast coast of Nelson Island, 115 miles northwest of Bethel. Nightmute is located on Nelson Island, and is 18 miles upriver from Toksook Bay and 100 miles west of Bethel.

Project Objectives


Photo Courtesy of the Denali Commission

Toksook Bay Wind Generation completed a larger project to provide renewable energy generation to the communities of Toksook Bay, Tununak, and Nightmute.

Project scope included planning, design, construction and commissioning of 3 new 100 kW capacity wind turbines at a site adjacent to the community of Toksook Bay. The main objective of this project is to provide electricity generation based on a renewable resource in an effort to reduce the local dependency on fuel oil as the sole source for electric power generation. The communities of Toksook Bay, Tununak, and Nightmute are inter-connected by new intertie lines installed and supplied by an upgraded, electronically controlled power plant being installed.

The wind turbines are connected to the new power plant installed at Toksook Bay via a new, three-phase primary distribution line. Installation of a fiber optic communication link providing communication and control of the wind turbines allows them to be either manually or automatically operated both at the power plant and from AVEC headquarters in Anchorage, maximizing operational stability and allowing remote trouble shooting in the event of alarms or warnings. Use of electronic engine controls and fully automated switchgear installed at the generating plant accommodate a seamless integration of the turbine installation into the amalgamated community project, leveraging that technology to the fullest extent possible.

With a foundation design completed in 2004, the project could proceed to the execution phase. Three wind turbines were shipped to Toksook Bay in August of 2005. Construction of the pile foundations began in September of 2005. The turbines were erected in 2005 and the project was formally commissioned as of June 30, 2006.


Photo Courtesy of the Denali Commission


Wet, silty sand soils over a shelf of bedrock at the project added to the complexity of designing a suitable foundation to support the wind turbines and towers. Due to vibrations induced by the rotating machinery of the wind turbines, it was realized early in the planning phase of the project that a thorough effort to engineer a foundation would be required.


Expenditures: $2,334,363.00 from Denali Commission funding and $842,708.00 from other funding.

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