Wind Manufacturer Options

The following list includes turbine manufacturers who have equipment installed or being considered for installation in Alaska. Many other manufacturers have turbines on the market. It may be appropriate to look at those products if they have a proven track record in similar operating conditions.

Manufacturer Device Website Size Notes
Entegrity wind systems E15/50 50 kW Turbine max power is closer to 65 kW
Northern Power Systems Northwind 100 100 kW
Various Vestas – V27 Various 225 kW Remanufactured turbine
Various Vestas – V15/17 Various 65/75 kW Remanufactured turbine
General Electric GE 1.5s 1500 kW
Various WindMatic Various 65 kW Remanufactured turbine

Turbine availability is also an issue, given the strong market for wind turbine technologies outside of Alaska. At present only a small number of manufacturers are building medium-sized wind turbines in the of 50 kW to 1000 kW range. This limits their availability. A supply of re-manufactured wind turbines in this range is available, however, presenting another option. Re-manufactured turbines, often units that were installed on American or European wind farms in the mid to late 1980s and 1990s, are now being replaced with bigger turbines. In most cases, these turbines are refurbished to the original manufacturers specifications.
Unlike rebuilt turbines, re-manufactured ones are usually outfitted with more modern, and higher performance blades, breaking systems, and controllers, as well as with performance monitoring equipment. In considering re-manufactured wind turbines, care should be taken to insure that a specific re-manufacturer has a strong track record and can provide ongoing and long-term service and/or support. Most high quality re-manufactured turbines come with a limited warranty. System developers should not purchase used wind turbines and conduct the rebuild or re-manufacture process themselves.

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